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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Munene Nyagah’s 8-Bedroom ‘Palace

Lanes! Check out Easy FM’s Munene Nyagah’s 8-Bedroom ‘Palace’ (PHOTOS)

Home is where the heart is and Easy FM’s breakfast show presenter, Munene Nyagah, knows that too well. The celebrated radio and TV host is among the very few Kenyan celebs that do not have to endure the landlord headache every end month.

Munene is a proud owner of a seriously awesome palatial mansion located on Mombasa Road that can only compared to the Hollywood cribs you see on MTV. Munene’s ‘palace’ boasts of;
8 bedrooms
49-metre square living room
A huge bar
Hut-shaped observatory glass house
6 bathrooms
An outdoor balcony that overlooks the whole of Athi River and Kitengela
An underground water tank that can hold up to 80,000 litres of water and overhead tanks that hold 6,000 litres of water

Take a look at the crib;

Munene at his balcony


Props: Daily Nation & Denish Ochieng'

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