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Friday, August 3, 2012

G-cribs El Gouna luxury villas and homes

El Gouna is a self-contained town on the beautiful red sea coast that offers an unrivaled lifestyle. Built on 10 Km of beach, the town of 10,000 residents spreads across islands and lagoons making it a unique red sea leisure destination. located in this beautiful area “Gouna`, our project G-cribs aimed for "Creating introvert lavish residential solutions with flexible areas, in an integrated community that is served by hotel facilities for ultimate convenience` The modish community is built on 21,500 m2 on which only 17% is our footprint, creating a spacious compound that is beautifully landscaped with plenty of green areas, an swimming pools serving all the clusters. The exclusive introverted concept, with only one ring road assures that maximum security and ease for residents, it also guarantees that they will all have clear and exquisite view to the landscape, in addition to privacy and serenity. The primary architectural concept was to create maximum flexibility in the project, to insure maximum user satisfaction. Knowing that the user’s needs vary with age, family size, and lifestyle. Accordingly, we tried to introduce a unique flexible architectural concept to meet different preferences of users. Flexibility was all about creative design, whereby simple adjustments are made to the floor plans to create a variety of units types varying in areas from 35m2 and its multiples Our architectural approach is fresh, contemporary. Based on a mix of small units varying in size, and attached duplexes, combined in clusters served by large pools and lavish landscape. Our skyline clearly represent the variation between the small units, and the attached duplexes as seen in the shots, where all the heights of the duplexes are seen clearly higher than the other units in a way that will also maintain our height constraints in the project. White is the prevalent color of choice to create modern and relaxed surroundings. Also, the use of natural stones for façade cladding adds a touch of understated luxury. In addition to the residential units, our clubhouse is the main facility of the g-cribs where users can enjoy the usage of restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and Jacuzzis…etc. It is strategically located within the project for easy access to both residents, and visitors.

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