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Friday, June 17, 2011

Phillip Chiyangwa's luxury mansion in Borrowdale - Zimbabwean business tycoon

ZIMBABWEAN President Robert Mugabe’s nephew, the flamboyant businessman and parliamentarian Phillip Chiyangwa is owner of arguably the largest and most expensive residential property after State House.
Variously described as extravagant, opulent, palatial, magnificent, Chiyangwa’s palace is a showpiece. Its owner built it in his own image -- controversial but flamboyant.
Chiyangwa recently allowed a Zimbabwean online property magazine, ExpoProperties into his mansion…and
 they spent half a day navigating through the myriad lounges and bedrooms that are furnished with exquisite items from round the globe.
Chiyangwa, the MP for Chinhoyi, has a mansion with 15 carports, 18 bedrooms, 25 lounges, 4 balconies, 9 servant quarters, 2 swimming pools and 3 heliports.
Imposing in outlook the house stands majestically on a 3 acre plot. The garden is well manicured with not a single blade of lawn out of place. Waterfalls cascade down rugged rock features while a fountain spouts white water as you drive into the paved driveway where you are immediately greeted with a staggering choice of 15 parking lots.
The tranquil surroundings are watered by pop up sprinklers (supplied by 2 boreholes), hosting innumerable varieties of plants and fish. The carport only has a BMW 745i and Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG V8 Kompressor parked. This is by no means the whole fleet of Chiyangwa’s luxury cars.
The customised kitchen in stunning black and white contrast is spacious and well appointed. Designed and constructed under the watchful eye of Chiyangwa’s wife, the gadget savvy and chic kitchen boasts a dining area, separate washing area and pantry.
With enough granite to satisfy Fred & Wilma Flintstone and gadgetry to make Inspector Gadget look amateurish, the kitchen is truly a marvel. It is natural venue for the family’s breakfasts and the origin of the culinary masterpieces that have been served to distinguished visitors.
Describing the maze-like lounges is a challenging task. From contemporary lime ensemble to tranquil earth colours and comfortable leather the lounges are a designer’s dream. A proliferation of rugs in a riot of colours characterises the lounges. With a who’s who of the world’s top brands the lounges represent a meeting of futuristic apparatus. TV’s flatter than a ‘20 bearer’, DVD players, stereos that look like a device from Star Trek and CD’s and DVD’s with total running time longer than Le Tour de France
The formal lounge is characterised by twin staircases crafted in teak, brilliant chandeliers and sophisticated, contemporary furnishings. The effect is completed by the well stocked bar with the finest whiskies, wines and liqueurs….an entertainer’s utopia.
Tiling is in the finest Spanish tiles. ExpoProperties say they counted 25 different varieties of ceramic tiles and twelve varieties of carpets deep enough to swim in.
The master bedroom has Italian furnishings. It is a suite comprising lounge, bar, bedroom, bathroom/toilet, dressing area and balcony. The cosy bar is styled in retro stainless steel and black. Chiyangwa also opened up his amiable legendary wardrobe of suits and shoes housed in a spacious dressing area finished in classical light oak and frosted glass. His selection of suits, shirts and shoes can make American rapper and fashion mogul P Diddy’s green with envy. Classically designed, the bathroom with the inevitable Jacuzzi, is tiled in black with a shower tucked neatly in one corner.

Other features include an office with a reception area clothed in sober navy. The customised workstation complete with state of the art PC is ideal for the intrepid legislator cum entrepreneur’s hectic schedule which often spills into awkward hours. The office suite links with the bedroom via an elegant staircase finished in saligna. Adjoining the office is pool table for the relaxation of the busy legislator.
Other recreational areas are housed away from the house. A stand alone sauna with a capacity of 20 and shower facilities is housed in the gazebo complex overlooking the office suite.A spa bath sits on top of the gazebo. From the spa bath one commands a view of the outdoor pool and an all weather tennis court to complete the recreational area.
Truly a fitting home for the man known for his largesse, Chiyangwa then regaled his visitors with accounts of the distinguished visitors who have graced the home.
Built for enjoyment, this house is simply in a league of its own.
Additional reporting ExpoProperties


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