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Friday, April 4, 2014

Reverend Kathy Kiuna Opulent Mansion In Runda

Check Out Reverend Kathy Kiuna Opulent Mansion In Runda! (PHOTO GALLERY)

I think it's time I re-thought my life's trajectory! It might just be time for Uncle Chim Tuna to re-evaluate where his life is headed. I think i should make a bee line to the closest Theology school! And this will be my last article for Ghafla! Let me get to preaching!
Yes, I am rather shaken by the opulent lifestyle led by the Kiunas. Kathy Kiuna, the matriarch of the Reverend Kiuna household has a TV show on NTV and I doubt that is what has given rise to their fortunes.

Check out their opulent house situated in Kenya's leafy links suburb of Runda: never mind that a few years ago, an acre in Runda was being sold at 200 million!

Check out their house:

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