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Monday, July 15, 2013

Luxurious Living in Johannesburg, South Africa: House Tat in Bassonia

Luxurious Living in Johannesburg, South Africa: House Tat in Bassonia

When arriving at House Tat, the visitor can immediately understand the size of this project byNico Van Der Meulen Architects, for the five storey house was redesigned into a contemporary home. The building is located on a very steep and narrow site with 180° views to the east, which allowed the architectural design to take advantage of the spectacular views, but acted as a challenge when the architects wanted to add habitable space. The architect, Rudolph van der Meulen explains that the teams had to work on an existing structure and creativity allowed them to redesign the existing space making the most of natural light and the stunning views.

The contemporary makeover was given to the entire building: from the street to the east façade one can enjoy the modern feel thanks to the use of concrete, steel and glass. Public and private space have been vertically divided, with the entry level being the most public with an entertainment area that opens up to a covered balcony, a study, a bar-lounge as well as a meeting room for business visitors. With limited garden space, the various balconies and the large covered terrace floating above the raised pool deck encourage outdoor life while taking full advantage of the magnificent views. [Photos and information received via e-mail by Laura Doriguzzi Bozzo]

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