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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Buckingham Terrace Phase 1, Nigerian ultra luxury mansion

Buckingham Terrace Phase 1, Nigerian ultra luxury mansion

Buckingham Terrace Phase 1, Nigerian ultra luxury mansion

Our Atriums are strategically placed inside each home to import daylight from the roof to all interior spaces and circulate air in the process. The Atriums transform your home to a place where sun, plants and other elements of nature join as one to form a unique tropical 'haven'. The atriums are also 'lanterns' at night with our lighting design that forms a string of illumination running through the entire house. They are the perfect place to put other features such as fountains, indoor gardens, etc.

Our Lights not only brighten the homes, they also make them warm and wonderful. Our dimmer switches put you perfectly in control as you set the mood lights to the right ambience to match your emotions.

Our distinctive feature both internally and externally is our generous size of windows. It's often an accepted practice to have dark corners inside standard buildings but with our generous array of panoramic windows, we have ensured there are no dark spaces and adequate ventilation within the home is assured.

Roof Top Terraces
Our 'urban sanctuaries' are roof top terraces that we include in our homes to compensate for having less grounds in areas where land is at a high premium. In order to avoid our customers paying dearly for a few extra square metres on ground, we've moved the playground to the roof, with natural views 'built in'!

Every bathroom is created with precision in mind. The tiles are craftly laid with spacers to give a clear distinct separation between tile and grout. The sanitary wares are imported from top manufacturers thereby making the final product easily comparable with that of an international 5 star hotel.

These are the indoor spaces above your head and we create lots of them in our homes. Combined with galleries on the upper floors, our homes produce many imaginative and interesting indoor characters.

Staircases are no longer concrete slabs hidden away in a obscure corner of the house. Our staircases are a celebration between steel and wood. We therefore celebrate your flight between the floors of your home by creating different shapes of stunning staircases mingling crafted steel and wood in a wonderful marital bliss.

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