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Monday, June 20, 2011

African presidential palace, state houses, kingdoms and mansions

Homes of African Presidents.

Egypt presidential palace

Liberia presidential palace

State house Kampala

Palace of Buganda King

Palace of Buganda King

Gabon Presidential Palace

Presidential palace Dakar

King's palace in Rabat, Morocco

Beit el Ajaib Today

Beit el Ajaib (House of Wonders) Zanzibar

Mali presidential home

Eritrea presidential home
Burkina Faso presidential palace

Mobutu's Palace in Gbadolite

The Nation's Palace, Kinshasa

Djibouti presidential palace

Cape Town Presidential Palace

President Al Bashir's Crib

royal palace in ifrane (morocco)

Jacob Zuma's palace

Ghana takes the Cake

Puntland (Breakaway Republic), Somalia

State House Nairobi Kenya

The 300 Room Presidential Palace Lilongwe

Older Palaces - Ethiopia


Dire Dawa - built for the Emperor 

Mitsawa - now Eritrea (destroyed)

Harar - Ras Mekonnen Palace

Current Presidential Palace - built by Emperor Haile Selassie back in the 1960's

Addis Ababa - Jubilee Palace

Abedin Palace - Egypt

Namibia State House, Windhoek


  1. The 'Gabon presidential palace' looks like a hotel. I know two of these buildings, and you're wrong on both. Your 'South African palace' is the parliament building and 'Zuma's palace' is the Union Buildings, the government offices in Pretoria. You bloody fools.

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