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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hyde Park, Egypt Exclusive Villa Development in Cairo


Spread across 4 million square meters, Hyde Park is the most exclusive villa development in Egypt. The developments strongest features are the 3,000 detached and attached luxury villas nestled with a 1 million square meter landscaped park, which happens to be the biggest private park in Egypt.

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a video say?
We think a video summarises several thousand pictures.
A while ago, we showcased Hyde Park- New Cairo, the soon to be biggest and only masterplanned luxury gated community in Cairo, Egypt. It would comprise of 3000 exclusive villas with a 1 million square meter landscaped park. We just got hold of the Hyde Park video which pretty much summarises the lifestlye at this up market surburb of New Cairo.
Watch the 5 minute video as we would love to know what you think.

The Hyde Park villas are the feature of this magical setting. The sheer availability and choices are stunning and the hardest bit would be to choose which villa to live in.
Take a closer look at the sheer elegance, style and luxury that is Hyde Park villas

The Hyde Park California-Spanish style villas offer architecture embodied by the essence of a rich architectural heritage. Smartly positioned windows, openings and a play of light colored massing are set against dark clay tiles. Together they offer a striking appearance and a relaxed setting.
California-Spanish villas are minimal, yet bold, with a hint of color embodied in accent tile work around windows and doorways. These villas create a statement while offering homely elegance of warmth and comfort. There are eight styles of villas to choose from.
  • L’Avellano
  • El Espadana
  • El Castano
  • El Peral
  • El Morera
  • Algarrobo
  • La Napitellaa
  • La Portulaca


el Espadana

el Castano

el Peral

el Morera


Twin La Napitella

Quad La Portulaca

The Hyde Park Italian-Country villas are reminiscent of familiar images reminding us of the Italian countryside. The villas architecture illustrates the beauty of the hills, crowned by groups of tall cypresses and villas that appear as though they have emerged from the earth itself. Tuscany is what comes to mind and you will be excused for forgetting you are actually not in Italy but in Egypt instead.
The villas display beautiful colors and textures, with a distinctively clear, yet subtle palette and an inimitable mixture of simplicity and comfort. The warm colors of the antique clay tiles complement the earth tones of the stucco external walls.
The volumetric massing of the villas is accented by the terrace, loggias and balconies to extend your living space to the outdoors. Italian Country villas provide the perfect ambiance for those who long for a la dolce vita. Choose from the following five types.
  • Il Mandorlo
  • L’Amaranto
  • L’Oleandro
  • Il Tamerice
  • La Primula

il Mandorio



il Tamerice

La Primula

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